Meeting Facilitators

Daniela Rink – Senior Learning/Institutional Capacity Advisor

Dr. Aminu Abdu Bichi – Senior MEL Specialist EDU

 Co Facilitators

Richard Mibwala – CEO Snazzy Hope Foundation SHF

Nalong Faith Danladi – Yobe Coordinator SHF

 Note Taker

Nalong Faith Danladi

 Meeting Convener

USAID Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Support Activity



Ibrahim S. Umar

Department of State service

Isa Abdullkarim Salihu

Department of State service

Alhaji Isa Mohammed


Sarah Simon


Ekerete Etukudo


Hassan Alabe 


Phillip Jackson

Snazzy Hope Foundation

Nalong Faith Danladi

Snazzy Hope Foundation

Meeting Agenda

10:00 – 10:30 Overview of the Multi sectorial Approach

Introduction by Jacqueline I’m Connor and Daniella Rink

Jacqueline through a virtual interface gave an introduction and set out the objectives and purpose of the meeting, which includes:

  • To create synergy between USAID implementation partners activities and improve coordination at the state level
  • To kick-start a process for multi sectorial knowledge sharing among implementation partners at the state level.

Daniella Rink also gave an overview of the expected outcomes which is

  • Feedbacks on the templates.

10:30 – 10:50 Introductory Round of Implementation Partners

Dr Aminu ushered everyone present into the introductory round, where representatives from each implementation partners introduced themselves by name, position, organization, their activities and locations within and outside Borno state.

Dr. Aminu also divided meeting in two groups; the virtual group to be facilitated by both of them while the meeting for participants on ground was to be facilitated by the two co facilitators in the persons of Richard Mibwala and Nalong Faith Danladi. After discussing the item 1 to 4 of the communication template, the two groups will then reconvene through a hybrid session to summarize findings, decisions taken during the discussions by the IPs, and then reach a consensus that is fair and actionable in relation to the anticipated outcomes of the coordination meeting. The IPs suggested that there should be a state level coordinator.

 10:50 – 11:30 Drafting a Communication Plan

The purpose of the state level SPO: the purpose of the coordination meeting is to create repour with all USAID implementing partners

In the course of the discussions for this agenda IPs on the ground jointly decided and agreed on the state coordination meeting intervals which should be a

  • Once in Two Month virtual meeting be held by the IPS both physically or virtually

The 1st week after an interval of two months was chosen for the coordination meeting while it was agreed upon by all the IPs present. Adamu suggested that a formal letter should be written to IPs hosting the coordination meeting as a reminder to plan for the meeting, where to charge expenses for hosting meeting will be decided and communicated letter. IPS will send two representatives from each of their organization for the attendance of the meeting

 Electronic attendance: AHNI agreed to take charge of electronic attendance for coordination meetings

  • Uploading of Summary: HERON consortium was to do upload of the summary
  • Follow up on next steps of the meeting: HERON was to do follow up on next step
  • Who to keep USAID Nigeria updated about the SPO coordination meeting: State Coordinator
  • How to share files online: google drive will be the tool of sharing information online
  • How do we want to track the progress of the shared work plan: The IPs agreed that the progress of the work plan should be tracked by two selected MEE to track the measurement of improvement in multi sectoral coordination?
  • Who Is going to update the GEO coordinators of each activities: the focal persons from each IPs will update the coordinator with their activities

 11:30 – 12:00 Coordinator Roles

  • Some roles of the coordinator were cited by the IPS in preparation of the state coordinators selections
  • Developing a format for the presentation of the meeting
  • The state coordinator will nominate the IPs that will set up the calendar
  • The State coordinator will also nominate who will upload the summary of the meeting
  • He will also be in charge of updating USAID Nigeria

Discussion on shared work Plan

  • The work plan template was explained by Aminu.
  • Solomon Agabi and Aminu gave an illustration on how the work plan can be filled.
  • The meeting was splinted into two to create an action plan that is achievable.
  • After groups deliberation each group shared their work plan.
  • The coordinated and core coordinator were selected: Coordinator: Ide Bulama CRS and Core lead Sarah Simon from HeRON Consurtuim and Ahmed Muazu from AHNI
  • Solomon Agabi suggested that the leads and core leads from the two groups should be merged together to make the final selection.

Roles of the core coordinator were also sited out

  • Support by writing the summary of the outcome of each meeting
  • The core coordinator will be the one to inform the IPs absent in each meeting

There was an agreement that a WhatsApp group should be created for all IPs

Adamu Yakubu commended everyone present stating that its was a fruitful meeting

Ekerete Asked a question on the cost implication of the next meeting if it will be taken care by USAID of the IPs

Richard appreciated all the IPs present and also SHF staff and appreciate those who agreed to take up the responsibility given to them.

01:10-01:20 Summary of outcomes reviews of action plan

Both Daniela and Dr. Aminu gave a summary of all the agenda discussions by the IPs present. Daniela gave a vote of thanks Dr. Aminu rounded up the meeting by appreciating the attendance of everyone both virtual and in person


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