Food Security & Livelihood

Food Security & Livelihood

Food Security The availability, access and consumption of nutritional food guarantees food security.

Livelihood Snazzy hope foundation livelihood interventions aim to guarantee peoples dignity without having to depend on external aid.
Every person has the right to standard of living adequate for his or her health and wellbeing. This includes the right to food and livelihood protection.

Snazzy hope foundation Food security pillars are:
• Availability of diverse and nutritious foods
• Physical, economic and social access to nutritious foods
• Adequate utilization of food items consumed to maintain a healthy nutritional wellbeing
• Strengthening stability of the pillars and systems people rely on over time
during conflicts, disasters and displacement, food production and market systems face potential collapse. People lose their assets and their ability to earn a living is disrupted.

Snazzy hope foundation follows the UN Food and Agricultural Organization’s (FAO) definition of food security:
“Food security exists when all people, at all times, have physical, social and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food which meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life.”
In both emergencies and protracted crises, we analyze the livelihood vulnerability context and situation. This analysis enables us to better understand vulnerability, needs and preferences, and is key to the development of holistic integrated responses that contribute to durable solutions.
Livelihood interventions must be undertaken in combination with other sectors.

Our livelihoods and food security work focuses on the following thematic areas:
• household and livelihood vulnerability analysis
• emergency food assistance
• asset creation (creating local assets that reduce food insecurity and build livelihood opportunities)
• school meals and gardening
• nutritious food production systems
• integrated natural resource management
• food infrastructure systems
• employment and income generation and/or diversification
• credit and finance facilitation
• initial business and value chain development
• integrated risk reduction

We work in three areas to enable livelihoods that are in support of durable solutions:
• Meeting basic needs/livelihoods provisioning
Protect and stabilize affected households against further effects of risks and crisis by ensuring access to adequate and appropriate nutritious food. Provide other essential livelihood needs required for survival.

Livelihoods protection
Support affected households and communities in protecting household and livelihood systems, avert erosion of productive assets, and support households and communities in restoring productive assets.

Livelihoods promotion
Enhance household and community capacity to manage risks and shocks and to leverage their adaptive, financial and human capabilities. Invest in lasting solutions for improved economic and social wellbeing and dignity.

Food Security Research
Snazzy hope foundation conducts
• Research projects included population estimates and key informant interviews with humanitarian organizations, local leaders, and security forces.
• Snazzy hope foundation recruit teams of survey enumerator to conduct large-scale household surveys to assess food insecurity in local government areas across Borno state through partnership withNavanti Group a (US Applied Analytic instituted)

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